JULY 11-23



to digitize cultural frontline, to promote Ukraine globally, and to get new tools for creativity and art

Hatathon 3.0 NFT Edition is an attempt to boost the development of Ukraine’s cultural and creative industry as a powerful tool for struggle during the war.

Results of Hatathon

creatives at the start
creatives in the semi-final

Hatathon’s winners

1st placeand €2000 prize
Ukrainian swearword in NFT, Shobtobi creative from “Vydra richkova” team
2nd placeand €1500 prize
Crypto-archaeologists team for generative NFT-collection Wired Motnka based on traditional amulet rag doll
3rd placeand €500 prize
“Kyiv deers” team for the “Future of Ukraine in children’s view” creative
3rd placeand €500 prize
“Warenyk” team for the idea of NFT-community of Ukrainian gastronomic culture ambassadors
3rd placeand €500 prize
“NFT ART Ukraine” team for Ukrainian Non-Postal Stamps Club creative consists of NFT-stamps made by illustrator Oleksiy Yumashev
3rd placeand €500 prize
“Booster” team for collectible pixel-art cards dedicated to famous persons, locations or events of Ukrainian history
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Hatathon History

For the last three years, Hatathon has been a generator of important creative collaborations and anti-crisis solutions.
In 2020, we brought more than 1,300 participants together and collected more than 210 ideas on how to help the industry survive the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In summer 2021, there were more than 1300 participants, presenting more than 117 ideas aiming to adapt culture to post-lockdown reality.
During the pandemic, the word Hata (means House in Ukrainian) in the name of the online marathon in support of culture was chosen with reference to lockdown and remote work.

Today, Hata is a symbol of Home we defend, including on the cultural front

What to expect

Hatathon 3.0 NFT Edition consisted of two parts


Online lectures and practical workshops delivered by Ukrainian and international NFT experts for cultural and creative professionals. Depending on the level of NFT-awareness, participants were able to choose the beginner or advanced programme.


Creatives in the following topic: Ukraine: Past, Present, Future which will be further converted to NFT using the latest tools and supported by expert and team mentors. The participants pitched their final works in front of the jury. The winners were awarded.
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Ukraine: Past, Present, Future

We created and digitized in the following topics: 
Past. It brings together works about our history, heritage and folk culture. 

Present. It means works connected to documental and artistic representation of Ukrainian current events.

Future. The works which represent ideas and visions of the future of Ukraine.
Participants could join the Hatathon with their artwork and create their NFT, or assemble a team and come up with a creative during the online marathon.

Types of NFT eligible for Hatathon

Video & Animation

More information →

Evaluation criteria


How relevant the work is to Hatathon’s theme and one of the three fields: past, present and future of Ukraine


How the NFT differs from other works: artistic and social component, marketing, etc

Marketing and Community

Work with community during the Hatathon: how well the marketing strategy is thought through; how well it is understood where to look for potential buyers to promote the created NFT


How well the work is pitched

Way forward

How clear the roadmap for the NFT-project after the hatathon is

Hathathon Jury

Ksenia Malykh

Art curator, Head o Research Platform, Pinchuk Art Center

Nikita Khudiakov

Media artist, leader of CryptoArt Ukraine

Maria Yarotska

Hackathon Coordinator, NEAR Protocol

Andriy Skyba

Сo-founder, Magicals

Ilona Demchenko

Manager, House of Europe

Who could participate

Graphic and web designers
Videographers and film industry professionals
Curators and art managers
Creative entrepreneurs
NFT enthusiasts
Web developers
PR and marketing specialists

What did participants gain

practical knowledge of NFT
5500 EUR prize pool
an opportunity to strengthen the cultural frontline with their knowledge, skills and creativity

Stages and timeline

21 June

Start of registration for participants and mentors

10 July

Registration for participants is closed

11 July

Hatathon opening.

12-13 July

Lectures and workshops

14-20 July

Work on creatives; checkpoints, consultations with mentors

21 July

Hatathon semifinal: Participants submit finished works

22 July

The jury reviews and evaluates submitted works. The jury announces finalists

23 July

Hatathon final:
The finalists pitch their ideas; the winners are awarded


What is a Hatathon?

Hatathon is a wordplay. This is an online creative and technical marathon, where participants work from home. This is a twelve-day brainstorm from an idea to its implementation. You learn new tools, come up with and implement a project, find a team of like-minded people, receive expert advice and get your ideas evaluated, and pitch your results in the final.

What is NFT?

An NFT is a blockchain-based digital asset. It is a record of ownership of digital works and a proof of their authenticity. One can mint (create) an image, a music file, an animation or a video.

Who can participate?

We invite: artists, filmmakers, musicians, curators and cultural managers, cultural and creative professionals, creative entrepreneurs, NFT enthusiasts, IT specialists, market specialists and others wishing to join and share their creative or technical expertise.

Where will it take place?

Hatathon 3.0 NFT Edition will take place online. The opening and final of the Hatathon will take place online and will be live streamed to the event's Facebook page and YouTube channel in Ukrainian and in English. The Participation Guide provides for more details. You will receive it once registered.

What is Slack?

Slack is a virtual workplace and communication platform. Follow the link in the registration email to download the app. The Hatathon will take place there.

What is an educational part?

It is a training programme for beginners and NFT advanced users, containing lectures and practical workshops delivered by Ukrainian and international experts to cultural, creative and tech professionals. The programme introduces digital art trends, blockchain and NFT basics, minting and more. 

What do I need to participate?

Make sure to register and ask all members of your team to do the same, get a registration email from us (don't forget to check a Spam folder), join a Slack workspace following the link in the email, read the Participation Guide carefully and get ready to active work during the Hatathon.

What if I have no team?

Don’t worry! You can participate alone. There is also a team option. Your ideas and experience will come in handy. Register, join a Slack workspace, leave a message in a relevant channel about your skills and ideas, connect with other participants to create something really useful together!

What should I do during 12 days of the Hatathon?

Come up with your own new or already existing creative (or get permission from a creator to use his/her work). Make sure it is relevant in terms of the Hatathon theme and falls into one of four categories. Find a team (or work alone). Complete all checkpoints and boot camp (optional). Convert your creative in NFT and submit it to evaluation. If your creative gets to the final, get ready to pitch it.

How can I register?

It is simple: just fill in this form, and you are already on board.

How the jury will evaluate the works?

There will be two stages: the semifinal and the final. The team of judges will carefully validate the work from a technical perspective and evaluate it against the specified criteria.

Can I participate if I already have an idea or a finished project? 

Yes, you can participate with an idea, but not with the operational NFT product. 

How many members can participate in a team?

The ideal team size is 1-5 people. Yes, we allow individual participation!

Can I work on several creatives in different categories?

Yes, we allow this option. However, we urge you to be realistic about your capacity, since the Hatathon envisages intensive work and collaboration. Less is more.

Where can I find the Hatathon rules and Guide? How do I get access to Slack?

Fill in the registration form on the website first. You will get an email with a link to the Participation Guide and Slack workspace. Don't forget to check a Spam folder. There is an active link to the Participation Guide pinned in Slack messages for the time of the Hatathon.

What is Hatathon's language?

Ukrainian is Hatathon's main working language. The official part will be broadcast using simultaneous translation from / into English.


Anastasia Sleptsova

Idea and concept

Anastasia Sylenok

Methodology and operational processes

Ilona Demchenko

Programme Manager

Liliia Badiul

Project Manager

Natalia Levoshych

Community Manager

Maria Gavryliuk

Mentor and Jury Coordinator

Valeria Shevchenko

PR and Media Relations

Yanina Shabanova

Digital Communication Manager

Julia Martynenko

Creatives and Design

Sasha Zheinova

Website design and layout


Hatathon 3.0 NFT Edition is implemented by the House of Europe, Goethe-Institut Ukraine, and Digitizing.Space with the support of the European Union.House of Europe.
House of Europe is an EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries and the United Kingdom. The programme focuses on different professional fields: culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth. Implementation of House of Europe programme is led by Goethe-Institut Ukraine with The British Council Ukraine, Institut français d’Ukraine, and Czech Centres as Consortium Partners.
The European Union supports Ukraine in the face of the unprovoked and unjustified full-scale Russian invasion. To date, EUR 1.5 billion has been allocated to support Ukraine's defence through the European Peace Facility. Support is available through repurposing of ongoing projects worth a total of about EUR 140. Over EUR 130 million has recently been disbursed as budget support. This immediate response will be continued through the mobilisation of an additional EUR 330 million. The EU also supports Ukraine with emergency Macrofinancial Assistance, amounting to EUR 1.2 billion.
Goethe-Institut e. V. is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach.Goethe-Institut promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and fosters international cultural cooperation. Itr cultural and educational programmes encourage intercultural dialogue and enable cultural involvement. They strengthen the development of structures in civil society and foster worldwide mobility.
Digitizing.Space is an innovation agency focused on providing remote work solutions for businesses, non-profits and communities. Agency helps to transform processes and projects to online and hybrid formats, increasing digital inclusion and engagement. 


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